GZ international is celebrating 30 years in business

2012 is an important year for GZ International, celebrating 30 years from the beginning of one of our three business units, namely the general mechanical tooling ( formerly under the name R.C.A. ).
We can proudly say that the family that gave birth to the tooling department 30 years ago is the same that has developed over time the two other departments that have been added, in specific the electrical installations department and our own brand and contractors production department, and today continues to face new challenges, and lead with attention and care management the entire company.

Since then the road we have run was paved by technology, innovation, outstanding professionalism, but also from choices out of the schemes, initiatives and extreme flexibility. Over the years, perseverance and ability to meet the challenges of a changing market, crossed by several crises, have made GZ International a solid company, which enjoys prestige, respect and trust from customers, suppliers and third parties. Totally Italian starting from the ownership, which is still in the hands of the founding family, to the quality of our products and services, a " niche " company in the Italian panorama and abroad.

To have achieved this important goal, we must thank our valuable customers, our capable suppliers, our indispensable collaborators, the commitment and professionalism of our employees and everyone that in one way or another has placed trust in us.

Orlando Garbin
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